film ministry

Welcome to our Film Production.  We seek to produces a wide variety of material that reflects the times that we are living in – our place in time and what God is currently doing around the World. All programmes can be enjoyed by all people non-christians and christians regardless of denomination

Objective storytelling accompanied with high production values is at the centre of everything we produce, I trust you will see the Hand of Our Lord Jesus Christ in everything that we do.

Our videos seek to explore this one question: “what is God doing right now?” We do this through exploring deep human need stories predicated on the Holy Bible – highlighting the best of the human family and pointing you to the Word of God, for It Has Life.


May God bless as you watch our Films

Watch the Trailer coming SOON

In the Middle of the COVID-19 pandemic that spread rapidly across the world, including Wales. Bethan Davies lives in the wilderness alone, she reads her Red Book and sings a Shona song for company. In the process of time local reporters hear, the unconventional story of this homeless woman. She agrees to an interview, the interview opens the window to her life and separates fact from fiction of her famed survival strategy.